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How do I choose the right degree for me?

How do I choose

Bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees, certifications, doctorate degrees, masters degrees… there are so many degree paths out there that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.  Too often, students find themselves paralyzed by the variety of online degree options, when really they should view the degree as a means to an end.  Your degree should be dictated by the career you want.  While some jobs require a master’s, others only require an associate degree.

Below is a breakdown of the different online degrees and some of the most common jobs associated with each.  If you have any questions about degree plans and continuing education, please contact us today or click any of the banners on this page.


Certificates are the simplest programs available, and are usually completed in a few weeks or months.  Online certificates improve your skill set, impress employers, and make you a more attractive hire.  Whether you’re looking for a new career or you’re looking for a promotion at your current job, an online accredited certificate may be right for you.  Fields in which certificates are beneficial include:

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Criminal Justice
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Paralegal Studies
  • Psychology
  • Real Estate

Associate Degree

 If you have a high-school diploma and you want to take your earning potential to the next level, an associate degree may be right for you.  These degrees are typically two-year programs, and give you the strong foundation you need for many lucrative vocations and professions.  While online associate degrees are offered in a wide variety of fields, the most common include:

  • Business/Commerce Technologies
  • Data Processing
  • Health Services
  • Mechanical/Engineering Technologies
  • Natural Science Technologies
  • Public Service Technologies

Bachelor’s Degree

The next step above an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree unlocks a whole new world of financial potential.  Bachelor’s degrees can give you the specialization and experience to secure your dream job, and colleges offer programs from engineering to ancient history and everything in between.  Some of the most common online bachelor’s degree options include:

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education
  • Marketing
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But Books are TOO Expensive!


Top 10 places to get textbooks online:

We have done our own investigation into the best places to buy your text books online. With the average cost of books at almost $100 per class or more, finding online deals can mean the difference between eating Top Ramen all semester or pizza delivery!

Abebooks.com: Online Booksellers directory with free shipping

Addall.com: Compares textbook prices (including tax and shipping) for online stores across the web

Ecampus.com: Online site where you can buy and sell your textbooks

DirectTextBook.com: Compares textbook prices across popular online stores. Similar to Addall.com

CollegeSwapshop.com: Online site where you can buy and sell your textbooks. Similar to Ecampus.com

Campusi.com: A search engine that compares textbook prices from online stores

ichapters.com: This cool site allows you buy only the chapters you need as an ebook.

ValoreBooks.com: the Walmart equivalent of the online textbooks stores: at least pricewise.

Ebay.com: Like with everything else, sometimes you can get lucky on Ebay.

Chegg.com: Site that allows you to “rent” textbooks at a fraction of the price of purchasing

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